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FUT 22 SBC: How to complete the Goal Tension challenge

time 2021-12-01 00:00

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In general, single-task SBCs are very popular, especially among beginner players, because of how easy they are to do. Most of these single-task SBCs cost less than a FUT 22 Premium Gold Player Envelope, demonstrating the incredible return on value that these SBCs can provide in Ultimate Team.

November has been a consistent month when it comes to these one-task SBCs. It started first with the Rulebreakers promo and was then followed by the Numbers Up promo. It remains to be seen if UEFA Champions League will have more single task SBCs after today.

Tasks, rewards and review of the Goal Tension SBC in FUT 22

SBC tasks: goal tension

Nationalities: Minimum 4

Same League count: Max. 3

Clubs: Min. 3

Rarities: Min. 9

Squad Rating: Min. 80

Team chemistry: Minimum 95

Number of players in squad: 11

The SBC Goal Tension will cost FUT 22 players around 13,000 coins to complete from scratch. Existing players that you own will significantly reduce the cost and make it a very cost effective SBC to complete.


What is the Goal Tension SBC in FIFA 22?

Goal Tension is a single-task SBC that belongs to the UEFA Champions League challenge in FIFA 22. It is a non-repeatable SBC, meaning that each FUT 22 player can complete it a maximum of once. Players have less than 48 hours to complete the Goal Tension SBC in-game.

Is the SBC Goal Tension worth doing?

The SBC: Goal Tension seems a bit expensive compared to other single-task SBCs that have appeared in FUT 22 in the past. The SBC rewards players with a Premium Jumbo Gold Player Pack upon completion. Even with the maximum completion cost of 13000 FUT Coins, the Goal Tension SBC is a great opportunity.

Not all of FUT 22's Squad creation challenges are worthwhile, as some have been straight up terrible and have been avoided by a large portion of players. However, that doesn't seem to be the case with this SBC, and the SBC Goal Tension is a must-have for all FUT 22 players, especially for beginner players despite its relatively high price tag.

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