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FUT Mobile – VS Attack Versus Head to Head

time 2019-06-28 09:20

FUT Mobile has diverse game modes that allow players to enjoy the game in a variety of ways. It has two competitive mode, VS Attack and Head to Head. Both modes pit players against each other but there are some differences. Here is what you need to know about each mode. 

In VS Attack mode, players will compete against the opponent's lineup in an asynchronous match. The objective is to score the most goals in a certain period of time. The chance to score depends on the OVR of the team and the chemistry between players. The higher these two, the more occasions to score. You can see a comparison between your team and the opponent's before the game begins. Should you emerge victorious, you will get a chest. You will have to wait a certain time to open the chest. If you want the rewards on the spot, you can spend some FUT 19 coins to open it. Fans are also among the rewards that come from winning games. Division promotion is done based on the number of fans. Be careful as you can also get demoted. During the game, players can communicate using predefined messages and emoticons. The VS Attack matchmaking system uses the number of fans to pair FUT players. 
Head to Head is a live mode where two players compete in real time. The match has two halves and each half has two minutes. The main difference from the other mode is that the device needs to meet certain requirements in order to support this mode. The system requirements are available on the official FUT Mobile website. This mode also has divisions. Instead of fans, players earn cups when they win games. The division placement is based on the number of cups. The matchmaking system for this mode uses cups as well. In addition to cups, players also receive XP, FUT coins, and packs. There are also seasons that last for two weeks. Both modes are fun to play. Players that want a complete game experience should try them both.

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