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FUT Mobile – Currency Changes

time 2019-06-22 14:28

Two FUT Mobile events are coming to an end. These events are Team of the Week (TotW) and Player of the Month (PotM). This triggers some changes regarding the currency - FUT Mobile Coins & points. When players log in after June 5th they will notice that TotW points are not in the game anymore. Instead, players will use Daily Tokens. It's possible to transform the Icon Points you already have in daily tokens. Five points will be needed to obtain one token. You can also exchange points in bulk. Players can acquire 10 tokens for 50 points, 20 tokens for 100 points, and 200 tokens for 1000 points. Players can use this new type of currency to get new offers. Here is what you can get with these tokens.

Twenty-five tokens can be exchanged for a TotW Player Pack that has an 80+ OVR footballer. A Small Resource Pack can be obtained for the same number of tokens. If you want better TotW players, you can get the 85+ OVR pack in exchange for 50 tokens. A Big Resource Pack costs 100 tokens. The Master TotW Player Pack can be yours if you have 150 daily tokens to spare. The Icon Player Pack costs 250 daily tokens, however, you cannot buy more than 11 of this last type. As you can imagine, the TotW players that are obtained from the packs are random. The Icon packs have one of the 11 Icon players. Here are the Icon players. 
Matthaus has the Generalist boost and 96 OVR. Vierra has the Dribbling boost and 95 OVR. Blanco is another 95 OVR. His boost is Finishing. Seedorf is a 94 OVR player with the Counter buff. Van der Sar has the Reflexes boost and 93 OVR. Del Piero has 93 OVR and Second Striker as a boost. Scholes is a 92 OVR player with the Vision boost. Puyol has 91 OVR and the Aggression boost. Trezeguet has 90 OVR and the Agility boost. Hernandez has 89 OVR and the Shooting boost. Cesar Costa has the Long Shots boost and 88 OVR. 

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