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Oh, no! FUT 19 Mobile is in Trouble

time 2019-06-13 13:15

Electronic Arts is still around with micropayments. If a few days ago we counted the decision to offer the Battlefield V and Anthem DLC for free, today we are dealing with a rather less positive news for the player. And, as reported by the Dutch newspaper Metro, Electronic Arts could be involved in a crime under Belgian law regarding micropayments and loot boxes.

As we said last April, the Belgian justice banned loot boxes in video games, considering them a game of chance, under heavy economic fines and even imprisonment. Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and FUT Mobile were the main affected of this decision. Almost half a year has passed and companies like 2K Games and Valve have regularized their situation, withdrawing and adapting the in-game payments prohibited in the country, but since Electronic Arts have not moved date in this regard.
What does the CEO says?
In fact, Andrew Wilson, CEO of the company, said in May that "he does not believe loot boxes are a form of illegal betting since players always get a specific number of objects in each box." Likewise, that these can´t be sold or exchanged for real money within the game itself would distance them, always according to their vision, from the penalty imposed by the Belgian justice. Wilson then confirmed that they intend to "move on" with this practice.
Thus, it seems that nothing will change in the face of the imminent launch of FUT 19. From EA Sports they confirmed that, now, each envelope in the mode will specify the probabilities of obtaining each type of chrome but, beyond that, will continue betting on a modality centered in the micropayments and in the boxes of loot (envelopes of cards, in this case) that devastates between the youngest ones and that, according to the Belgian sentence, enters completely in the world of the games of chance.
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