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STO – Mirror of Discovery

time 2019-02-25 02:27

STO has been released in 2009. Ten years later, it's the first time when the popular sci-fi MMO runs in parallel with the TV show it's based on. We are used to seeing content inspired by the TV show in the game but now we have the chance to discover an area that has not really been explored that much in the show. Any Star Trek fan knows that each series has a mirror universe episode. This episode is set in an alternative universe. The latest Star Trek series, Discovery, explored a part of the mirror universe in the first season. In the mirror universe, the human race is not part of the Federation but instead developed into the Terran Empire. This is a brutal regime that oppresses other races. We got the chance to see some of the alternative characters. One of them is Sylvia Tilly. Mirror universe Tilly is nothing like the one from the normal universe. She is a ruthless Starfleet officer who gained command of the ship by killing the former captain. That's how they get ship commands in the mirror universe. 

STO Mirror of Discovery brings content that features captain Tilly. The events are based on the show but they were exclusively created for the game. Captain Killy is voiced by Mary Wiseman, the actress who plays Tilly. The update has a new feature called personal endeavors. This feature tasks players with daily challenges. Players will unlock stat bonuses as a reward from completing the challenges. Two new episodes are also available. They are called Para Pacem and Illusion of Communication. A new task force operation set on planet Pahvo is available. New ships are coming as well. Players can unlock the Vulcan T'Pau Scout Ship as part of the anniversary event and buy STO Credits cheap from u7buy to get more items for your adventure . There are also several Discovery Operations Packs ships such as the Gagarin Miracle Worker Battlecruiser and the M'Chla Pilot Bird of Prey. Players can obtain the Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser from the Emperor's Lock Box. The next update from Age of Discovery is set to release in March 2019. 

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